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Genuis, we'll go with genuis. I can't wait. I'm so jealous of your mad sewing skills.
Did I tell you I can't wait to see the costume? Is it Hallowe'een yet?


Huh! Nina wants to be either a princess or a mermaid for halloween. Coincidence? Maybe they've learned how to use the phone for real!


i definitely never had a halloween costume this awesome. what i really should be doing is plotting something amazing for halloween so i can make my mom sew it for me when i go home for thanksgiving.


I can't wait to see this finished.
The pile of fabrics looks delish!

suzanne b.

Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous. I can't wait to see finished photos. The drawing is DARLING.

Claire was going back and forth between "pumpkin" and "Ariel," and we weren't having Ariel, so we didn't hear her when she said that, and ordered a pumpkin costume from Lillian Vernon, and she is very excited to be a pumpkin and has forgotten all about being Ariel.

If I could sew I could have given her the option of being "a mermaid." You are so clever.

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