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suzanne b.

I am going to be haunting this site daily looking for project updates and similar. Hooray! :)


No, it is not wrong.
But the number of switches in my house is overwhelming.
Where to start? ;)


This same thing drives my poor husband crazy. We did get to skip a step bc the people we bought the house from had already changed the switch plate covers. But even he balks when I count switches and imagine rummaging around in our mysterious fuse box!


You can come to my house and repair things and make things pretty anytime you like! ;)


Lisa, the cream colored things can be switched out, too, just be sure you know about the live wires. hee-hee.
Can't wait to see what you do with the switchplates :)


Ooh, yea, the cream switches would bug me too. But it's scary to think of changing those, eh?

Good for you for taking a little time to complete your project. I love those new switchplates.


We have metallic ones that the office - they don't bug me. Hmmm....I'm actually not sure about what the ones at home really look like. I need to pay more attention :)

Good for you though - it's the little things that count, don't they!?

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