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Tee hee hee.

I know exactly what you mean, Lisa and I am glad you just went ahead and got the silly stamp.
Why make it harder on yourself? :)

Have you decided on a new machine yet?


i have my grandma's old tried and true sewing machine. after she gave me hers and bought a new one she decided she wanted hers back because she didn't know how to use her new one well enough! but in the end she figured it out and i got to keep her machine. :)


Some friends in St. Louis has a stamp made from a drawing someone did of their house. It was so darling and they used it to make their own thank you cards and invitations. I loved it and that is what this post reminded me of.


Reading this I felt every painful stamp of e a c h l e t t e r....
I can totally relate.

Go for the new machine:)


I have a low-end Viking and I hardly sew at all. I adore it. I would marry it if I wasn't already taken.
Go test drive some others and see what you think and get an estimate on fixing it. Do you have a good repair place near by?
Although I love the bells and whistles, I didn't get bells on my sewing machine (too pricey).
how's that for rambling?


Hey! That's my mom's sewing machine!! It rocks - it's a solid little machine and I used it all last week while visiting her.
I'm so sad yours isn't working. It's tough to switch to a new machine and try and figure out what features you want/need. Good luck!!

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