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i CANNOT tell you how much i LOVE that fabric!!!!

and that yard sale sign too! i generally hate those-finally someone had a good idea!!


Congrats on the craftstravaganza!
Whew, that was a really long word to type. :)

I must go see the swim stuff at Lands End.

Those are super cute pjs!

Jenny L.

Are you going to be selling some of those adorable bibs?
Is your JoAnn's store filthy too? Mine looks like it has never had the floor mopped, let alone swept. Eww.

suzanne b.

Ooh. I wonder if I could fly to Minneapolis in April.

suzanne b.

ps Our JoAnn's is disgusting. I think they franchise them. Do they? They need some national standards. Ours is a pig sty.


Ours is clean.

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