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looks yummy!! :) the cookies AND the fabric.

Jenny L.

I love ginger in cookies, I'm going to have to try these.
I have a question for you. When you wash new fabric for a project, do you leave it as it is, or do you cut it to a smaller size? kwim? Thanks. :)

sheppard girl

Hey Jenny, I usually buy fabric in 3 yard increments. Any more than that gets kind of unmanageable. I wash it in hot water, and then dry on high heat to make sure there won't be more shrinking. Then I iron. I am usually working on something at the same time, so I precut at least enough for the current project and tuck the rest away. I tried precutting all the time, but I tended to forget or lose the precut items, so it works better for me to just have vague piles - bib front and backs, burp cloth fronts, strips for headbands, etc. and store then in baskets.

Jenny L.

Thanks Lisa. :)


enabling, they call that -showing the fabric and then telling me where to get it locally....
I need to go get some of the moda. It's gorgeous. and I don't usually buy patterned fabric.

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